Why Bad Hunter?

It is said that the word “vegetarian” comes from an ancient language meaning “bad hunter.”

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The bad hunter didn’t have the strength and speed necessary for hunting, so he had to make his dinners without meat. Necessity, in this case, was the mother of incredible culinary creativity and he soon became known far and wide for his fantastic feasts.
In a story with a bit more plausibility, the word “Vegetarian” is based on the Latin word “vegetus” meaning “whole”, “sound”, “fresh,” or “lively” with “vegetarian” itself referring to a mentally and physically sound person with a balanced philosophy and sense of life. At Bad Hunter we subscribe to both traditions.


Bad Hunter melds a neighborhood atmosphere with tasty, nutritious vegetarian meals.

We enjoy mixing and matching grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and eggs to maximize taste, texture and nutrition.

We are a 100% vegetarian restaurant focused on nutritionally dense food served fast. At Bad Hunter we strive to be a catalyst for positive change, promoting a health-conscious mindset through the distillation of information about a for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our Believes

We believe in using the finest ingredients and getting the most out of them. The most flavor. The most vitamins. The most nutrients.

Our goal is to get you the best food: best taste, best ingredients, simply the best just for you.

We believe that a healthy life starts with a healthy meal.