About HolyCow!

Our business model is focused around simplicity. We make people happy by offering

a great choice of fresh, high quality burgers and salads that are incredibly tasty

and unique, all served with a smile within minutes.


Different Nationalities of Our Employees


HolyCow! Restaurants Across Switzerland


Burgers Served at the MJF in 2015


Year of the First HolyCow! Restaurant

We Value

We’re committed to creating a sense of community and continuous learning, challenging the status quo by revolutionizing the fast food industry to create a new, tastier, unprocessed era for food served fast.

We partner with local suppliers and utilize honest ingredients, all delivered daily to ensure freshness.

We strive to lead by example, especially when it comes to preserving the environment. We are uncompromising on the sourcing and quality of our ingredients.


Holy Cow! looks to buy as much of its content locally in Switzerland in order to produce the freshest, tastiest burgers on the market. In order to do this, Holy Cow! has key partners that supply the ingredients needed.


We are proud of the fact we buy Swiss, and always look for the Suisse Guarantee label as a sign of quality. Further to this idea, Holy Cow! is committed to the goal of buying at least one product from each canton. It’s our way to bring all of Switzerland into our burgers!