About JustWater

A fully Swiss brand, JUST-WATER is an innovative company committed to providing an  exceptionally pure water with a well balanced, healthy and natural mineralization straight from Switzerland’s snow-covered Alps. Our product range is 100% organic and some have no added sugar.

We source first-class ingredients from growers in Switzerland and abroard ensuring that the best goes into our bottles. JUSTWATER aspires to create remarkably good drinks for those seeking great taste and better choice. You won’t find anything artifcial in our drinks – just good, all-natural ingredients.


We Value

Highest Quality

We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients from Swiss producing regions whenever possible.

Locally Swiss

We are committed to using only locally Swiss products and this is our first priority

Organic Products

The natural herbs and blossoms used on our products are all organic. The raw materials are cultivated and harvested mostly by hand.