About Us

The Parsaco Group is growing rapidly in the increasingly popular fast casual F&B sector.

With its base firmly in the Swiss market, the group currently operates five critically acclaimed concepts:

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Company, Burrito Brothers Gourmet Mexican Kitchen, Just Water, Bad Hunter & Montreux Jazz Café.


Parsaco now owns and operates 20 restaurants across 5 concepts around Switzerland. From small take-aways to large foodcourts, more than 450 staff members are employed comprising 25 different nationalities. 




Concepts Around Switzerland


Staff Members


Different Nationalities

Core Values

Quality driven, at every level of the organization.

We constantly look to improve every process and product we have. Keeping the status quo is not the goal, improving is the goal.

We treat our team with respect, and provide opportunities for advancement at every level of the organisation, rewarding hard work, commitment, and diligence.

We do not wait for opportunities, we pursue them with maximum effort, every single day.

We focus on every opportunity and challenge with an emphasis on finding the most efficient solution.

We lead by example, at every level of the organization & ensure we help people grow around us.


  • BadHunter

    We are a 100% vegetarian restaurant focused on nutritionally dense food served fast.

  • HolyCow!

    HolyCow! is the Locally Swiss gourmet burger restaurant. Distinguished by fresh, premium-quality swiss sourced produce and quick and friendly service, Holy Cow! offers a new perspective on fast food.

  • Burrito Brothers

    Burrito Brothers is born out of a combination of fresh, local produce, Mexican inspired recipes and California street food style.


    A fully Swiss brand, JUST-WATER is an innovative company committed to providing an exceptionally pure water.

  • We are ready to share our 8 years of experience in order to help you build your own successful restaurant.

  • We are ready to share our 8 years of experience in order to help you build your own successful restaurant.

Purpose of Parsaco

With more than 8 years of experience in the F&B market, Parsaco Consulting is the right partner to support your projects. Parsaco’s team provides consulting services to fit your needs. Do you want to enter the Swiss Market? To open a second location? To improve your brand awareness? To lower your operational costs? To find the right suppliers? To find the right staff? Parsaco’s core business units include Development & Real Estate, Operations, Marketing, Finances, HR, IT or Legal. All managed by experts of the F&B industry, Parsaco can provide the service you need. Parsaco Consulting is the right partner to find solutions to your problems or develop your ideas.



To serve our customers the freshest and highest quality food while pursuing the highest ethical and sustainable practices.

To produce raw material in the most efficient form possible, pushing the limits of what is known in terms of current technology in order to be the first fully sustainable carbon capture QSR group in the world.


To lead change in the fast food industry, serving fresh, great tasting food fast, in a warm friendly environment.


Our purpose is to travel, experience, and draw knowledge from the people and places around us.

We develop restaurant and hospitality opportunities from the experiences gained through traveling .

Never compromise on the experience.

The Beginning

The Parsaco story began with the first Holy Cow! restaurant opening in 2009; it was a small take-away with only 8 seats, located at Rue Marterey Lausanne. Holy Cow! with its freshly prepared locally sourced burgers was an immediate success and gained recognition in the region very quickly, especially with the many students of the universities and high schools of Lausanne. The relationship with students has always and is still today a big asset for the group. From its success in the first year of operations, the company expanded, opening a second restaurant in Lausanne, followed closely by two in Geneva. 

More Successful Concepts

Year 2013 was a crucial year for the Parsaco group with its first Holy Cow! in the German speaking part of Switzerland (a location in the trendy Niederdorf area of Zurich) and a new concept “Burrito Brothers” being added to the portfolio. Spurred on by continued success and Holy Cow’s business model and the philosophy being extendable to a number of different restaurant concepts and cuisines, the Parsaco group introduced other successful concepts like Burrito Brothers and Bad Hunter, on the same model. 

Sustainable Future

Parsaco is preparing to launch ambitious expansion plans in Switzerland and abroad while investing in vertical integration in order to close the loop between its supply chain and operations. The expansion will be aided by the exportability of Parsaco’s concepts and business models which provide versatile businesses in the form of restaurants, food courts and take-away. Vertical integration is the new goal of Parsaco’s supply chain: Central Swiss Trading Company. The goal is to operate full circle farming, including vertical agriculture, an in-house beverage brand, green logistics and meat farming. All waste will be recycled and reused to operate the group restaurants (PET bottles for uniforms, used oil for transportation). 

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